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  • How do I refill medications?
    At the Village Clinic, we strive to have patient medications refilled in a timely manner. To assist us with achieving this goal we ask that you: Schedule an appointment to have a clinical review with your physician to make sure that the medications are adequately and safely treating the underlying medical conditions. Some medications and medical conditions require monitoring and lab work periodically. For patients on multiple medications Medication Reconciliation is an important process which involves your physician and your pharmacist. This should be done periodically as part of your care plan. To avoid running out of your regularly used medications DO NOT wait until you are completely out. We require a 2 week notice as we are processing high volumes of requests. Options for your clinical/medication review include: 1. Telemedicine Visit – Connect by secure video conferencing with your family doctor from anywhere including your home. You can fill in the online form listing your medications when scheduling. 2. In person during any scheduled regular health evaluation appointment – at The Village Clinic. Please bring your medications and/or list with you. After your Clinical review medication refills will be faxed directly to your pharmacy. Please note that controlled opioid pain medications used long term require only one prescribing physician, one dispensing pharmacy, a signed Prescribing & Compliance Contract and periodic reviews with your physician. The Canadian Guidelines for the prescription of opioid pain medications form the basis upon which such medications are prescribed.
  • Pregnancy and Obstetrics
    Patients requiring Obstetrics are usually referred to physicians with expertise in Obstetrics or Midwives. Prenatal care can also be provided by Experienced Nurse Practitioners within our network. Non high risk pregnancies can also be managed through the mid wife program.
  • How soon can I expect to be seen?
    Patients with chronic diseases are seen regularly at scheduled intervals with the goal of maintaining optimal health and preventing complications. The interval is determined by how stable the diseases are. To assist with appointments we have an online appointment booking system that helps patients determine what works best with their schedules. A voicemail system on our phone line 705 300 0016 is also available. Appointments request via this voicemail system are triaged and do not necessarily give appointments that occur sooner than what is available online. We are continuously working on strategies to help reduce wait times. We provide a hybrid model that includes virtual and in person appointments. Your medical team during a virtual visit can easily assist with further evaluations, investigations and in person health checks when appropriate. In addition to services provided though The Village Clinic, affiliated North Simcoe Family Health Team Nurse Practitioner Clinics are available. Your physician works with the Nurse Practitioners within one system. Physicians within the network share coverage for evening clinics Monday to Friday as well as Saturday mornings. Public Holidays are not included. This means that you have layers of access and care within a coordinated frame work. This means that many health care problems except emergencies can be handled without the need for going to wait for hours at the Hospital ER.
  • What about hospital care?
    Patients of Dr. Olisa who are admitted at local and regional hospitals are taken care of initially by the emergency room team and subsequently by dedicated specialist and hospitalist physicians. Hospitalist physicians cover the inpatient care 24 hrs per day - 7 days a week. Hospitalists are focused on inpatient care and they communicate with detailed reports to your family physician at the end of your hospital stay. This model provides good quality care. It is our preference that patients be seen within two weeks of discharge from a hospital for appropriate follow up and continuity of care. New Born babies are expected to be seen within one week of birth. Hospital records are received directly into your Electronic Medical Record seamlessly.
  • How do I become a new patient?
    New Patient Process: Dr. Olisa is not taking on new patients.
  • How do you accomadate individuals with physical impairments?
    The entire Georgian Village Complex within which The Village Clinic is located was designed to accommodate people with physical limitations. The site is wheel chair accessible and automatic entrance doors are available. There are support railings through out the complex. Wash room facilities have support bars with height adjustments made. The waiting room and examination rooms have ample room for easy wheel chair and walker manouverability.
  • Do you have parking available?
    There are two entrances to The Georgian Village Complex where The Village Clinic is located in Penetanguishene. The location of the public entry point of the complex and Public Parking is available at the entrance off Edwards street. If you come in through Thompsons Road you can drive around the curve to the Edwards St. Entrance. There is adequate parking at no cost.
  • What is a Family Health Team?
    A Family Health Team is an approach to primary health care that brings together different health care providers to co-ordinate the highest possible quality of care for you - the patient. Designed to improve and expand access to primary care, most Family Health Teams consist of doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, dietitians and other health care professionals who work collaboratively, each utilizing their experience and skills so that you receive the very best care, when you need it, as close to home as possible.
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